Mechanical engineering

Mechanical and apparatus engineering is a traditional business segment of rmw. Electromechanical devices as well as cable assemblies have been made in the Carl-Zeiss Group at the plant in Crossen for years.

Also after the privatization in 1991 and the foundation of the rmw Kabelsysteme GmbH, the gathered know-how helped to ensure the continuity of the good business relations to the new Carl-Zeiss-Jena GmbH. The Carl-Zeiss-Jena GmbH develops and produces inter alia systems for ophthalmology, chip production, microscopy and the astronautics industry.

The Jenoptik AG emerged from the Carl-Zeiss-Group too and is today one of our customers. Some companies we are producing for and which were founded in the surroundings of the Jenoptik AG are for example Numerik, Laser Imaging Systems, Lasos and Jenaer Antriebstechnik.