Micrographs: safe crimp connections

To ensure consistently high production quality, we check our crimp connections directly in-house using specially produced micrograph analyses.

Accompanying production or as an
external service for your connection

On request, we can carry out production-accompanying tests of the crimp connections of your assemblies or check the quality of your stranded contact combination as a service for your company.

Regardless of whether you require, a purely visual assessment of the cut plane for your project or whether a complete measurement of the crimp is to be carried out by our specialist personnel, rmw Kabelsystem GmbH is your reliable partner for micrograph analyses.

We test compliance with the limit values for crimp connections according to recognised standards. You determine the scope of testing according to your requirements and we document the results for you in a detailed report.

How you benefit from rmw micrograph analysis

  • In-house micrograph analysis: You benefit from more flexibility and enormous time savings compared to commissioning an external service provider
  • Years of expertise in the production-accompanying analysis of your assemblies
  • High-quality crimp connections through regular inspection
  • Fast verification of the compatibility of stranded wire and contact
  • Testing of specifications according to VW standard 60330, according to TE standard 114-18022 or according to individual customer specifications
  • Creation of a detailed report with all relevant measured values and illustrations
Employee at device for the preparation of micrographs

To continuously ensure the quality of the electromechanical assemblies, rmw carries out various checks. In addition to the micrograph analysis of processed contacts, these also include:

  • Optical checks of the crimp quality during the production process
  • Measurement of crimp heights
  • Carrying out pull-force tests - the results are documented and archived on an order-related basis

Your connection to rmw

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